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    The Joi Design blog is about what SME's can do today, everyday, to win and retain quality clients via strong branding strategies, social media and internet marketing.

    Joi Murugavell founder of Joi Design, is a designer by trade. She's passionate about 'cutting the crap' and helping her clients make money from good, solid Brands.

    Simon Young is a cofounder of iJump, a social media consultancy that helps organisations conduct real, human conversations with their communities through Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and other forms of social media.

    James Mawhinney is the Business Development Manager at PositionMEonline, providing high quality internet marketing strategies to a range of clients including Merrill Lynch, Downer EDI, Hawaiian Group, Citect PLC, and Quest Serviced Apartments.

    Tuesday, January 12, 2010 by Joi Murugavell

    Why I'm attending the ConnectNow conference Sydney, April 2010

    Like many people I know, I'm in a state of continuous partial attention when it comes to the rather exciting but chaotic method in which I acquire information. If you're on twitter you may know what I mean, 100s of amazing things to read and digest, so little time.

    There is order in chaos of course and purpose in the way we have adapted our attention spans to ignite every 2 seconds. Or at least it feels like some sort of acceptable order until you attend a conference or read a book and realize we were once so happy doing just one thing - I have nostalgia for chewing before I swallow (but I'm probably not going to give up indigestion, its way too much fun).

    Last year I attended Marketing Now, a conference held in Melbourne focusing on marketing, social media and emerging technology. It was an eye opener, a calming experience that taught me so much more than 140 characters x 360 days could. The speakers were amazing old school 'story tellers', they knew how to get your attention, calm your mind down and make it porous. They were effortless teachers, the kind that find it easy to impart knowledge because they live it. The conversations that were shared on Marketing Now live on in this blog

    This year Marketing Now is organizing a 3 day conference in Sydney, view the speaker list here (the early bird rate expires at the end of January).

    If you're a (happy) victim of continuous partial attention, you'd often find yourself skimming through a blog and re-tweeting before digesting? because you have to look for that next byte of knowledge, and the next... After a while you're sort of left with the end of a big slushy, too much water, lacking flavour, but its kinda there - so why not drink it.

    I'm attending connect now as I want to be read stories by colourful story tellers. And I want the full flavour of knowledge. Apart from the romance of knowledge, Connect Now will help you market effectively to the mindset of today.

    Hope to see you there

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